Mahindra’s Tweet On Women’s Issues Receives Backlash By Offended Man

It won’t be wrong when I say that the ways in which being a woman is able to affect all aspects of one’s life are immense. This is the very reason why there have been requests and demands and protests and everything possible so that society would open its eyes to the kind of life women are forced to live, and treat them with equality.

Activists write articles, poems, newsletters, speak in public places, and create videos and images to raise awareness to this issue that is very much ignored. One other popular persona, billionaire businessman Anand Mahindra joined the cause recently after an interesting experience he went through.

Anand Mahindra had to babysit his grandkid aged one, and within just one week this experience made him realize the amount of effort women have to put in order to succeed. And this effort, as he realized, is multiples of the amount men have to put.

This injustice caused through the ignorance of this situation made him take matters into his hands. He decided to share his experience on his Twitter with 8 million followers. He also made sure to add an image that clearly advocates the issue that he is trying to throw light on.

gender equality

Image credits: anandmahindra

This brilliant piece of art was done by Peruvian political cartoonist Carnis.

While studies show that fathers show more happiness in parenting than mothers because fathers have chosen a lifestyle where they get to enjoy activities in the outside world, some men were offended by the tweet Anand Mahindra posted.

gender equality

Image credits: BS_Bhakuni


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