You Do Not Appreciate Your Vagina’s Beauty Enough

People have come to concentrate a LOT on one’s outer appearance to the extent that they will spend as any amount as they can afford, and go through rigorous physical changes, just to have the “perfect” “beautiful” body they wish to have. This can include buying expensive dresses and going through plastic surgeries or heavy diets. This, in fact, is a universal thing. Even supermodels who are believed to have the “perfect” bodies worry about their outer appearance a lot.

However, an important part of the body that people opt out of talking about is their private parts. More women than not are so worried about their private parts just the same way they are worried about their face or nose shape. They lack confidence in whether they have the “perfect” or the “right” shapes.

One filmmaker realized this concern that bothers many women around the world, and set out to show that every vagina is more beautiful in their own way, more than people think.

beautiful body

Image source: Pexels

The filmmaker in question is Layla Martin. She found out a noticeable difference in the attitude that women and their partners have towards the women’s vaginas. So, what Layla did was to take pictures of the vaginas of different women from different age groups, and show the pictures to both those women and their partners. She first showed the pictures to the women and filmed their reactions and then moved on to film the reactions of the women’s partners separately.

What came out of this experiment is that while the women reacted mostly negatively to their vagina pictures, their partners reacted positively. Their partners moved on to appreciate the beauty they see, which helped Layla’s motive behind this experiment. That is, to show that one’s body is much more beautiful than one sees.


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