These Photos Show How Big A Difference A Single Tree Makes

Humans, while aware of the importance of trees to all living beings, still continue to cut trees on a daily basis for various purposes. In fact, upto 7 billions trees are cut down every year. While there are also lots of reforestation activities going on, still it is hard to cover the loss of cut trees. The reason is, it takes only a minute to cut down a tree. But it takes years and years for a tree to fully grow.

The following are some photos that show how big of a loss to nature is caused by the loss of a tree.

1. Air quality

They improve air quality by absorbing pollutants and producing oxygen through photosynthesis.


2. Flooding and Erosion

Trees do a large role when it comes to minimizing floods and stopping erosions. They stop erosion by holding the soil in place using their roots. They help reduce flood by catching precipitation of which some they drip to the ground and some are let evaporate.


3. Tempering climate

Trees can lower air temperature and humidity as well as influence wind speed.


4. Reducing crime

Research shows that lesser crimes are reported from buildings with more trees.


5. Good for the economy

People tend to look more for houses with trees than without, thereby increasing the prices of houses by 9 to 15 percent more than houses without trees.


6. Habitat for fauna and flora

Healthy ecosystems are important for the world. A balanced and healthy ecosystem is created by the presence of both trees and animals in it.


7. Improving health

Exposing ourselves to trees helps calm ourselves. It reduces stress.


Source: Facebook/WeDontDeserveEarth


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