Sephora Bans Mink Fur Eyelashes After Terrible Conditions On Mink Farms Are Exposed

There were mink farms that Sephora received the materials for their fake eyelashes. However, recently, the unbelievably horrible conditions inside these farms were revealed.

Then, the animal rights group PETA carried out an undercover investigation in these mink farms. Sadly, what those investigations revealed were too horrible to be true. They found out that the major mink farms were regularly beating and killing the animals for whom they were supposed to take care of.

One of the saddest and most ruthless findings were that many of the mink farms used gas chambers to kills the animals. This was so that the fur can be harvested. Moreover, the animals are locked in small wire cages. There, they are not only abused, but denied enough food, water, and medical care, too. In fact, PETA has taken undercover footages of these conditions in these mink farms.


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However, activists and independent news sites are spreading the news about this horrible findings with the world. In turn, the Sephora customers are heavily concerned regarding this pressing issue. So, they are pressurizing the company to stick to only ethically obtained material and products.

As a result, the company Sephora announced that they are only going to use synthetic eyelashes from now on. A big part of this good cause was made possible due to PETA. Their campaign was able to organize more than 280,000 emails that were sent to the company raising questions and concerns regarding the situation, and persuading the company to cease supporting mink farms.


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