Seal Celebrating 31st Birthday Receives Giant Ice Fish Cake

What’s a birthday without a birthday cake, right? Some candles lit on top of it with everyone singing happy birthday as you cut the cake only make a birthday complete. And your loved ones also make sure that the structure or theme of your birthday cake is related to something you love! Ever spent your time thinking what a seal would prefer?

Well, the seal called Yulelogs, rescued in 1989, lives in the Cornish Seal Sanctuary. The happy, enthusiastic and energetic nature of Yulelog has attracted everyone’s hearts and everyone just adores him! And guess what! He just turned 31 and the kind hearted people around him decided that he gets to celebrate his birthday just like everyone else, too. Most importantly, this birthday was even special because the average lifespan of a male grey seal in the wild is around 25 years. And Yulelog being 31 certainly deserves much celebration!

ice fish cake for seal's birthday

Therefore, the team at the sanctuary came up with the creative plan to gift this cute seal a birthday cake that he would absolutely love. What do seals love most? Fish! And what would a seal love more than a fish cake? So, the team made a giant ice cake with its inside full of fish! What a feast for Yulelog to enjoy all by himself on his very especial birthday!

ice fish cake for seal's birthday

According to the team, Yulelog loved the birthday cake and I guess the pictures of him with the cake speak for themselves. What do you think he should receive for his 32nd birthday?

ice fish cake for seal's birthday

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Image credits: Cornish Seal Sanctuary


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