Stool Of Rescued Turtle Contains 100 Plastic Pieces

A sea turtle named Zatanna that was in need of medical help was rescued in Boca Ranton. It was tangled in a hook and therefore suffering. It was essential that the turtle goes under surgery as soon as possible. So, it was taken to the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center. What came next was able to shock everyone!

After the surgery was performed on the sea turtle, it started pooping many pieces of plastic. It contained all kinds of plastics including spoons, forks, bottle caps, plastic shards, and ziplock bags. It kept passing over hundred such plastic debris for over the course of a week. In other words, this rescued sea turtle was almost a pile of plastic trash inside – the plastic trash that people carelessly dump in the sea every second every day.

plastic in sea turtle

This victim of a sea turtle Zatanna has been given special supplements for her gut mobility in the hope that she will recover soon. The rescue center is doing their best to help the sea turtle. They are, in fact, keeping Zatanna in their care until they are sure that the sea turtle has passed all the plastic in her body.

This is just one example of the extensity and the intensity of the environmental pollution that humans have done. How many more marine life must have died and must be dying in the ocean without our knowledge?

plastic in sea turtle

Scientists have been warning about these issues for a long time. Yet, single use plastic usage is still being practised by people around the world. What’s scarier is that scientists have predicted their will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050, at the rate we are going.


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