Artist Creates Mind-Blowing Sculptures Of Animals From Sand

Art is creating visual, auditory, or performed works. Artists bring their imaginations into reality. There is no sense of “good” or “bad” in a piece of art. A work of art begins with emotions and can never be completed; instead, they are abandoned. There aren’t any “must’s” in art, and that is why it’s widely diversified. Artists use different media to create artworks; glass, wood, clay, porcelain, crayon, canvas, and in the case of Andoni Bastarrika, sand.

Though the art of sand is underrated, it is quite magical. It’s like an advanced and innovative version of sandcastles we used to make when we were little. Any form of art requires practice to become a master at it. As a matter of fact, the level of patience to live with the art of sand is exponential when compared to any other form of art. The inability to relocate your piece of art – even the most valuable – and its temporary existence are contributing factors to the whole new and upgraded level of patience. If your sand is your mode of expression, then you are at mercy of nature.


Sand Horse


Sand dog


Sand Octopus


Sand Ox


Fish On Land


Sand Elephant

Sand-arts of Andoni Bastarrika is simply amusing. His fantastic creations are particularly focused on animals – cows, dogs, horses, elephants, squids, sharks, crocodiles. You name it, he’s got it! His talent in detailing to make his work hyper-realistic is overwhelmingly entertaining. In order to make the sculptures more lifelike, he adds suitable elements that too are made completely out of sand.


Sand Crocky


Sand Turtle


Sand Dolphin


Sand Shark


Sand Dog

He began his expedition along beaches sculpting immensely detailed pieces of art in 2010. The reason he finds sand so interesting is that every time you look at it, it teaches you something new.

His passion for the incredible art of sand is evident in his words;

Andoni Basterrika


Sand Mini-crocky


Sand Merman


Sand Turtle on Sand Heap of Plastics


Sand Fish


Sand Face






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