Adidas Sells One Million Shoes Out Of Ocean Plastic

Adidas is committed to perform their part in conserving the planet by reducing environmental pollution. One step of this is to turn plastic waste into reusable products. Naturally, when companies promote such products that benefit nature in some way, consumers are willing to buy them as they can help the cause that way, too.

Anyway, in 2017, Adidas was able to sell one million shoes that were made out of ocean plastic. According to Interesting Engineering, 11 plastic bottles are reused in each pair of these shoes. Moreover, even the laces, heel lining, heel webbing, laces as well as sock liner covers use these recycled plastics.

To manufacture these unique shoes, Adidas partnered up with Parley for the Oceans. The motive behind thi partnership is to manufacture goods out of recycled ocean plastic. Not just shoes, but they also made tank tops out of recycled waste. They also created legging using a fabric that has Econyl regenerated material.

ocean plastic

Source: Pexels

The sneakers were first introduced to the market in May, 2017. The fact that they are literally made out of trash plus the fact that they are $200 did not seem to bother consumers at all. The reason is, 1 million shoe pairs were sold. Maybe they just wanted to be a part of the good cause.

“As a global brand we have a responsibility to help change the world for the better,” said Mathias Amm, Product Category Director of Adidas Running. “These designs reflect our support for a great cause, while delivering the exceptional performance we are renowned for – a powerful combination, which we hope will excite and inspire our global community as much as it does us.”


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