1000+ Plastic Pieces Found Inside Dead Sperm Whale

The amount of news we keep hearing about adverse effects of humans on nature only continues to grow. And now, it is a sperm whale that was washed ashore, DEAD.

This dead sperm whale was found near Indonesia’s Wakatobi National Park. In fact, Indonesia is known as one of the world’s most polluted countries. Only China beats Indonesia in terms of pollution. Around 260 million people are responsible for 3.2 million tons of plastic waste annually. According to the journal Science, the final destination of an estimated 1.29 million tons of this waste is the ocean. The immensity of the negative effect this causes the ecosystems of marine life cannot be emphasized more.

plastic inside dead sperm whale

Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan is Indonesia’s coordinating minister of maritime affairs. He announced that they are planning to educate children on this worsening issue at schools, too. In addition, they are also planning to cut down their plastic waste from 70% by the year 2025.

He stated that he is grieved by the news of the dead sperm whale. He also emphasized that given the amount of plastic waste found in the dead whale, the other marine life must be affected the same.

plastic inside dead sperm whale

115 plastic cups, 25 plastic bags, four plastic bottles, two flip-flops, and a nylon sack were found among the 1000+ plastic waste discovered in the dead whale’s autopsy.


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