Photos Of Adorable Pet-Thieves Stealing Food

As adorable as our pets are, they are also cute little mischievous burglars when they want to be, too. This is especially when they want something from us, either through begging or by stealing!

They might not even show the slightest bit of care when they are offered their dog food or cat food. But, the tiniest sound of a bag of chips opening or the sound of the refrigerator door opening is enough for them to get on their feet and come running! Then they would show us the most innocent looking face we can find in the entire world, hoping (drooling) that we will give a bit (or all!) of the food that WE were going to eat, to them!

However, there are times when we might not offer them the food we are eating due to health issues and any other concerning reasons. But, has that ever stopped them from eating the food THEY want? As pet owners, we know that they haven’t. They’ll somehow or the other sneak their way into getting the food they want.

While at the first glance (when we catch the little thieves in action) we might get mad, that only stays for a second, right? The thing is our pets are too adorable to be mad at for more than two seconds!

This is a collection of such images that pet owners were able to capture of their mischievous pets who stole food! And believe me, the pictures show that they don’t regret their actions at all!

Have a look!

#1 A strawberry jam bath!

#2 Caught in action!

#3 Fake-barked at the door to distract his human!

#4 Catnip overdose

#5 Anyone missing a rack of ribs?

#6 The sound of the fridge door!

#7 Caught red-pawed!

#8 Guilty? Doesn’t look like it!

#9 Escaped and returned with nachos!

#10 Potato-thief

#11 Any clue as to who ate the bread?

#12 Not so good at it!

pets stealing food
#13 Retrieving his gold

#14 Cheese lover

#15 Smart thief leaves no trails behind!


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