Men Tell These 10 Common Lies To Their Ladies

A recent scientific study has proven that on average, men tell lies at least 6 times on a daily basis. Interestingly, a reason that compels them to keep lying this way is the fact that most of the time they are able to get away with it. And, who do you think men lie to the most? Yeah, you guessed it right! Mostly, men tend to lie to their girlfriend or wife since obviously, they believe their men and in their honesty. However, while there are harmful lies, it needs to be remembered that some lies are told for good reasons, too.

So, what are some common lies that men tend to tell their ladies?

men lying to women

1. Says he trusts you to go out with your girlfriends without him.

2. The too-much-heard “I couldn’t reply to your texts ‘cause I was busy.”

3. “I am not jealous of your exes.”

4. That he is okay with you whining about all the drama.

5. (This shouldn’t come as a surprise) He doesn’t look at girls anymore now that he is with you.

men lying to women

6. Saying he enjoys spending time with your gang.

7. That he is okay with having to take care of your drunk self.

8. Keep this one noted! He says he has to work till late into the night! You might want to keep an eye on him. And it’s always better to be on alert!

9. He is totally not okay with you coming home late, but he says he is!

10. (Haha ! If this disappoints you, I am sorry, but this is the truth!) He says he doesn’t watch porn online.


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