Let Go Of Your Inner Critic And Love Yourself Through These 5 Ways

If you hadn’t noticed yet, no one’s opinions can encourage as well as put you down, more than your own opinions. Not your peers’, not your parents’, not society’s. The disturbing voice inside your head that keeps vociferating your “faults” and “weaknesses”, discouraging you to take on that new job in the big city, or simply to wear that cute dress, needs to go away if you’re to be brave and live happily. But, shutting out that giant overpowering voice isn’t as easy as it sounds, right? How exactly can you do it successfully?

Here are 5 ways!

self love

View your inner critic as a separate person

As long as you think it’s your voice, you won’t be able to stop listening to it, ‘cause, obviously, it’s yourself! So, give the voice a name, and whenever it tells you or critiques you in a manner that brings out sadness in you, command the voice to go away, using the name you give. It’s not much different from chasing an annoying neighbor away!

Read and write affirmations every now and then

This will make your mind focus on positivity and inspire you. When your mind focuses on positivity alone through continuous reading and writing, all negative self criticism will be pushed back further and further.

self love

Block all past experiences

Self-criticism can come from bad past experiences that grew up with you into adulthood. Remember that your past doesn’t define you. So, let go of those memories.

Be your friend

Advise yourself like you would a friend. If it works on your friend, there’s no reason it shouldn’t work on you.

Improve yourself

Don’t give in to your self-criticism. Prove it wrong!

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