Love At First Sight Does Exist, Research Confirms

Love is a tricky business, and we all agree on that. That is why half of the books and movies and songs we enjoy are about love. While some people believe love at first sight, some don’t. Both kinds of these people believe what they do based on their experiences. Anyway, recent researches say that it really does exist.

What do the researchers say about love at first sight?

Eyes do the trick!

Eyes express your emotions and feelings. And you feel a sudden attraction or a connection to a specific person because you communicate your feelings through eyes. And then you decide whether you are going to act upon that moment. Whatever you decide, it’ll be a life changing decision.

love at first sight

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Similar attributes

People tend to go for others with attributes such as facial features and eyes that are similar to yours. The reason is that you find trust and comfort in the similarity. This applies even to a stranger that you’re seeing for the first time.

Physical attraction

A big part of love at first sight often has to do with the physical beauty you see in the other person. You get attracted to someone you find physically attractive to you. How you define beauty is in your eyes, and you go with those instincts.

Can it happen more than once?

Well, for some, it’s always love at first sight for all of their relationships. However, while for some people it works, for some it does not end up in long term relationships. There’s so much more to working out a long term relationship than love at first sight, and it needs commitment from both partners.


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