Sometimes It’s Good To Let Go Of Old Friends

There’s the popular saying “old is gold”. We can apply this for our old friends, too. It’s not easy to find friends who stick with us for years no matter what. They know what we’ve been through over the years, what we like, what we don’t like, how we like to spend our time, how to deal with one another’s personal space etc. Such friends are hard to find, easy to be with, and it’s a very comfortable relationship.

However, keeping all that aside, are old friendships always good? You and I both know that the only thing that doesn’t change about everything is that everything changes. It’s a fact. How can you guarantee that your old friends don’t or won’t change? How can you not admit that your old friends haven’t changed? Most of all, how can you guarantee that you haven’t or won’t change? Circumstances come and go, and our experiences with them change us a great deal. With that, the way we look at things, at life changes, too.

If you’ve been wondering whether letting go of your old friends is okay, whether it’ll affect you badly, the following will give you the answer.


Here’s how letting go of your old friends can be positive.

1. You can get rid of toxic friendships.

People you initially thought to be good and made friends with can shockingly turn out to be the most discouraging people to you. It’ll do you good to get away from that negativity.

2. The space you needed for new friends is finally there.

New people come with new experiences and open your world to new and exciting opportunities. Moreover, you will find yourself more relatable to the new friends more than the old ones.

3. It’s an opportunity to build better friendships with people that matter.

You’ll see who really wants to stick to you no matter what, and then continue a deeper and meaningful relationship with them.


4. Solitude will help you see yourself better and learn and grow.

Peers around you influence you a great deal without you knowing it. So, the solitude you experience after years will help you find yourself and grow.

5. You’re always stuck in the past with old friends.

Old friends who show no interest in improving themselves will influence you to do the same. But, you need to move out of your comfort zone for your ambitions.


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