Homeless Man Surprised By Secret Santa With A New Smile

The first thing we see in a person is his or her face. That, too, we focus more on the smile. That is also the reason why we do take care mostly of our face. Moreover, we also feel self conscious when we get an acne or a tiny scar on our face. Most of all, just imagine how embarrassed we get if we happen to be engaged in an hour long conversation with a bit of food on our teeth!

How would a person with dental issues feel? All day, every day? It is not easy. It’s even worse when you are unable to fix it due to various reasons.

Alyn was going through the same situation. He started working as a temporary worker at an Idaho Falls company two years ago. He never revealed this to anyone, but he was having a hard time trying to make ends meet. He slept in his truck, homeless. In spite of all this, he was the best temp at work.

Alyn got a tooth infection that kept getting worse as he could not afford to get them repaired or cleaned. As a result, he decided to have the teeth pulled. It was a hard decision, but he had no other option given his financial situation.

To Alyn, what better gift could secret santa give than new dentures?

Alyn was in tears when he found out the truly valuable gift from secret santa. He got the smile he deserved thanks to a kind hearted person.


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