People Nailed These Ten Spooky Halloween Nail Arts

Halloween is around the corner, and there are loads of ways that we can prepare for it. It is one of those times of the year where we can get as creative as we like. What’s more, we can let out the spooky side to our personalities as much as we like during Halloween.

Spiders, bats, cobwebs, pumpkin cutouts, skulls, bones, ghosts, and anything spooky come in handy when it comes to getting creative with Halloween decorations, including foods and drinks. It’s fun eating skull shaped candy once in a while, too!

Now that it’s quarantine again and most get to be at home, there’s much more spare time in hand to get ourselves working on these Halloween decorations. Ever thought about giving yourself a Halloween deco?

The following pictures are of pro level Halloween inspired nail art that will make you want one for yourself, too! Beautified with glitter and crystals and elaborate designs, these nail arts are definitely something!

Professional nail artist Abi from South Wales, United Kingdom runs her own salon called “Nailed It Beauty”. She says that she’s had a larger number of clients this year than past years, and that too, earlier than usual. She says, “I think people just want something to look forward to this year and celebrate the spooky season.” And, according to her, the most requested designs include, “dark vampy colors, scary movie references, a bit of blood and gore, and then your classic ghosts and pumpkins.”

Give them a look and let us know your favorites!












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