Four Year Old Girl Was Floating Alone In The Sea On Inflatable Unicorn

Everyone (well, at least most people) loves to have their fun in the sea. Having a sun bath on the beach, taking a dip in the warm waters, diving to see the beauty underneath, all these have their own kind of enjoyment. And sometimes, just looking at the sea itself makes you happy.

Anyway, just as the sea has its own kind of fun and beauty, it’s a huge tank of water with currents and strong waves and all that make it a place not so safe even for a well experienced swimmer. I don’t need to mention how dangerous the sea can be for an ordinary person who wants to spend their vacation at the beach.

And, it goes without saying that a kid without a guardian on the beach is a BIG no no! They don’t know how dangerous it is and they need constant watch if they are playing on the beach.

However, recently, a small girl was seen in the sea, all alone.

girl floating on inflatable unicorn

A ferry was casually passing the Gulf of Corinth in Greece. One person was using his camera from the boat and suddenly this girl came onto the focus of his camera, as a tiny black speck. He couldn’t recognize what it was at first, but as the boat got closer to that, they found out that it was a four or five years old little girl! Can you believe this?

She was just floating on a giant inflatable float in the shape of a unicorn. Just this girl, in the middle of the sea! The currents have taken her away into half a mile away from the beach. It didn’t take long for her parents to realize what has happened and they were quick to inform the port authorities. Thank god, the people from the boat found her!

Watch the video below!


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