These German Shepherd Puppy Cute Moments Will Make Your Day

Dogs – what comes to your mind? Fluffy, cute, adorable, funny, mischievous? Yes, they are just too cute fluff balls! Humans just don’t deserve these pure souls! Among all the dog breeds out there, one popular breed that can commonly be seen as pets is German Shepherds. They are also considered to be one of the best breeds as pets because of their loyalty, love, courage, confidence, intelligence etc. If you are looking for a dog breed that is a pet and a guard in one, German Shepherds will be one of your best options.

As the name suggests, this breed originated in Germany in the 1800s. These cuties were introduced to the US by returning soldiers from World War I. They gained popularity in the country through the movie stars Strongheart and Rin Tin Tin. People quickly discovered all the good qualities that we adore the German Shepherds for – their loyalty, bravery, confidence and fearlessness. By World War II, they were the breed choice of the military.

Moreover, by 1999, this breed was able to hold the third place in the Top 50 Breeds listed by the American Kennel Club.

If you are planning to have a German Shepherd as your pet, make sure you can give him lots of exercise, or they will get stressed out, leading to negative behaviors.

Anyway, before they become the gentleman-looking guards, they pass a period of their life as innocent looking fluff balls with an overload of cuteness. The following pictures bring to you some of their cute, mischievous, and adorable moments. Enjoy!

1. He didn’t want to grow into his ears

2. Two branch managers

3. Work life

4. German Shepherd or bear?

5. Cutie in the office

6. Play time!

7. Snow boop!

8. Committed to work!

9. Starbucks is life

10. Can anyone BE more innocent?


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