Catastrophic Gender Reveal Party Causes Wildfire

Trends catch up quick in today’s world like wildfire. Well, this is sadly gonna sound too literal as we hear about a popular trend that actually led to a massive wildfire in California.

Weddings are, as we all know, not just about weddings. They are also about the pre-wedding bride-to-be’s, and now more than ever, gender reveal parties! Neither do they make sense, they also decide the baby’s ‘gender’ even before the baby decides what they are for themselves, thereby re-registering toxic gender norms and binaries. Well, let me not go there right now because that topic needs a whole other series of articles.

A recent incident that occurred in California only re-emphasized the necessity to raise the question whether gender reveal parties should be allowed.

gender reveal wildfire

The Sawmill Fire, sparked by a gender reveal party, burned more than 45,000 acres that was owned by the state of Arizona and various other agencies, according to the US Justice Department. (Image credit:KGUN)

A gender reveal party in San Bernardino County was the cause for the destructive wildfire that burnt more than 7,000 acres. Mind you, this isn’t the first time these extravagant parties have led to massive destruction! Yet, they keep happening due to popular demand.

What started first as simply cutting a cake with the culturally and socially ‘labelled’ colors: pink and blue, for “girl” and “boy”, has now gone to extreme measures where people tend to use high explosives such as Tannerite.

gender reveal wildfire

A burned structure is seen at a wildfire in Yucaipa, Calif., Saturday, Sept. 5, 2020. (AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu)

A 2017 gender reveal party burned more than 47,000 acres in Arizona. And it took around a week for the firefighters to fight it. Another in Florida, last April, burned 10 acres. It doesn’t stop there. These incidents have caused plane crashes, car explosions, and also people’s deaths.

Due to these catastrophic incidents, a few people have started condemning these good-for-nothing parties. But, not enough!

Watch the video here!


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