2000 Firefly Species Are Facing Extinction, Scientists Warn

Insects are small animals, yet they are a huge and imperative part of the whole ecosystem of Earth. Did you know that humans could only survive on Earth for four years, if bees went extinct? Well, that shows how important insects are for our survival. But, sadly, insects have been disappearing from around the world over the past few years due to human activities harmful to nature.

Despite the many warning signs there have been so far, people do not seem to be paying much attention to the issue at hand. Have you had to clean off the windshields on your cars, recently? Well, if it’s a NO, then that’s one obvious sign! Ten, twenty years ago, we would be cleaning off splattered bugs because there were many out on the roads.


Image Credit: Mike Lewinski from Tres Piedras, NM, United States (Wikimedia Commons)

Another alarming sign is the drastic decline in the numbers of fireflies. Oh, but how beautiful they are when they light up the night sky like tiny moving stars!

But, The Center for Biological Diversity and the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation had to file an emergency petition earlier this year because these beautiful fireflies are on the verge of going extinct. This petition sought Endangered Species Act protections for the specific species of fireflies known as the Bethany Beach firefly of Delaware.


Image credits: Pixabay

“We’re on the brink of losing a unique piece of Delaware’s biodiversity, one that symbolizes the very habitats that have drawn so many people to this state in the first place. There’s no question that this firefly urgently needs our help to prevent it from going extinct,” Candace Fallon, a senior conservation biologist at the Xerces Society, says.


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