Utah Hiker Chased By Cougar – Scary 6-Minute Video

While people experience different types of encounters with wildlife, a man called Kyle Burgess from Utah was reported to have been chased by a cougar. Anyway, he was able to record the whole terrifying experience on video.

Aged 26, Kyle was going on a run along the State Canyon trail close by his house. It is then that he noticed a group of cute little wild kittens which he took for granted to be bobcat babies, which is not an uncommon sighting in his area. He didn’t think twice to video the wild kittens.

However, it didn’t take long for him to realize that those were not, in fact, bobcat cubs. Rather, it was a group of mountain lion cubs. He found this out in a rather terrifying way, with the appearance of the cougar mother, who seemed very protective of her babies.

What happened next was an unforgettable yet one of the scariest experiences that Kyle ever faced. The protective cougar mother scared Kyle to death as she began to charge at him. His fear is crystal clear as he screams in the audio while the scary mountain lion mother continues to stalk him.

Kyle can be heard shouting “No! No! I’m big and scary! Go away!”

He continues to shout at the cougar mother saying “you’re good!”. “You’re good little kitty cat. … Nice and slow. Come on.”

However, things get scarier as the cougar mom begins to get more and more aggressive, hissing, growling and lunging at Kyle. The rhythmic waving of the tail and the flashing teeth of the cougar mom ensured Kyle that it was his final moment.

“OK, this is when I f**king die,” he says. “Come on, dude. I don’t feel like dying today.”

While he is being followed by the aggressive cougar for about six minutes, Kyle decides to pick a stone and throw it directly at her which, luckily for him, made her turn back and run to her cubs.

Watch the video below!


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