Five Core Exercises For Every Woman

As we all know, exercise is an integral part of a healthy life. Sadly, a staggering 60% of American women do not engage in physical activities, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). The number of life-threatening diseases that this unhealthy lifestyle invites is shocking.

The American Heart Association’s recommendation is two and a half hours of exercise per day. In this article, you’ll be learning five of such core exercises you can add to your daily routine to get yourself back on a healthy lifestyle.

core exercises for women

1. Push -Ups

This exercise builds the upper part of the body. It focuses on the part from the chest to shoulders, triceps and the core and glutes. This is ideal for women as it shapes and tones chest muscles. Benefits of push-ups include calorie burning, strength building, and controlling fat deposits on the body.

2. Side plank exercise

This exercise doubles as an ab workout and improves your sense of balance. Further, it does a good job in strengthening your abdomen, arms, and legs.

core exercises for women

3. Hip raise exercise

This is an ideal remedy for back pain! However, the hip muscle or the hip cuff is a muscle ignored most of the time by most women during exercise. But, the point to be noted is, that the weaker this muscle, the higher the chances that you are prone to injuries on your back, hip, and knees. So, this exercise will help you strengthen and align your abdominal muscles.

4. Chair dips

One of the best core exercises to strengthen your triceps is this. You only need a chair, so you can do it anywhere.

5. Step-Ups

This a full-body workout that focuses on your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes. Being a comfortable workout, even a beginner can easily do this exercise.

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