A Cat And A Horse That Are 7-Year-Long Best Friends

Every hour, we hear various interesting stories about animals and their mischievous activities as well as their personalities. Sometimes, the stories we hear about friendships between animals that we tend to think are unlikely to be together, come to be the most beautiful ones, too! This is one such story about a seven-year-long friendship between a cat and a horse.

The cat’s name is Morris and the horse’s name is Champy. Morris is a cat that was rescued from a shelter. Champy was already there when Morris decided to join the family. However, the moment Morris came home, Champy showed his interest to become Morris’s best bud!

cat horse friendship

It was like they instantly clicked. What cat would just jump on a horse and stay on its back? And what horse would let a cat jump on its back and not be annoyed? Well, the two of them were totally about each other’s company. When Morris casually jumped up on Champy’s back, what Champy happily decided to do was to take Morris for rides around the paddock as if he wanted to introduce Morris to his new place and show around.

cat horse friendship

Now, this horse ride has become their ritual every morning!

cat horse friendship

Morris patiently waits at a bus stop for Morris. Well, not exactly a bus stop, but it’s any of the fence posts. Morris climbs up on one of these and waits for Morris. Morris, on the other hand, will come to fetch Morris for a ride if he sees Morris waiting on a fence post!

Image source: champy_and_morris


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