You Shouldn’t Miss These Common Signs Of Breast Cancer

Cancer is a disease that receives much attention in the medical field because of its fatal nature. While it is curable, the process of curing is not an easy one. Moreover, the curing process is much harder when the cancer is not diagnosed early enough. Among the several types of cancers, breast cancer is a common type that women can get. However, these signs will help you identify if you have breast cancer early enough.

As the American Cancer Society says, about one in 8 US women has the possibility of developing invasive breast cancer during any time of her life. By January 2020, American women amounting to above 3.5 million come with a breast cancer history. What’s more, a frightening 276,480 new cases are expected in 2020.

While breast cancers can be fatal, we can act out to reduce the fatality numbers. Breast cancer can be detected early on, with the 5-year relative survival rate being 99%.

A guide with the 9 most common signs of breast cancer has been released by Medical News Today, and here they are!


breast cancer signs

A lump or a mass in the breast tissue is one of the most common and easily detectable signs.

Nipple Discharge

breast cancer signs

While a milky nipple discharge is common in breastfeeding mothers, other nipple discharges can be cancerous. Any thin or thick discharge ranging in color from being milky, yellow, and green to red, needs immediate medical attention.


breast cancer signs

A sign of inflammatory breast cancer is dimpling, swelling and pitted skin.

Breast / Nipple Pain

breast cancer signs

Invasive breast cancer can come with a strange pain in the breasts or nipples.

Retraction / Inversion of Nipples

breast cancer signs

A retracted, inverted, or invaginated nipple is when the point of the breast turns inward, as a consequence of inflammation or scarring.

Other signs include:

breast cancer signs

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  • Redness
  • Skin texture changes
  • Lymph node changes
  • Swelling

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