19 Black Families Buy 97 Acres To Build Their Own Safe City

The year 2020, aside from the pandemic, proved to be a devastating year for black people and the non-racist humane people, as it saw the culmination of a chain of police brutality combined with racism against black people. Affected by this brutal behavior of racist groups, a group of 19 black families have decided to build a city in Toomsboro, Georgia, that is of their own, and is safe.

The idea of the city has been developed by a Georgia-based realtor called Ashley Scott, after a group of white men out jogging killed a black man called Ahmaud Arbery. Then, Scott had decided to start “The Freedom Georgia Initiative” by gathering like-minded people.

black city

They got together and discussed the possible ways in which they can change the world where there is equality and no racism.

“We wanted to make some kind of difference that could ensure the safety of our black sons and black husbands when they went about their lives just breathing and being. We wanted to do something to amass black power to affect real change.”

black city

This group is discussing more about this in several Facebook groups too, where they have found out that there are more people desiring such solutions. They are discussing building black cities and Black Wall Streets. They are of the opinion that the older cities still have rooted issues within.

black city

Scott is planning to build a green, environmental-friendly and safe community that is self-sufficient through a food system by black farmers. They are also planning to have diversity in their community while ensuring that black people can go out without worrying about being killed.

Image credits: thefreedomgeorgiainitiative


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