California Becomes The First US State to Ban Animal Fur Products

A recent revision of its animal rights laws by California arrived at the decision to ban the manufacturing, selling, and purchasing of the fur products of certain wild animals. With these decisions, California became the first state in the US to do so. Along with this, they also decided on banning the use of animals for other purposes such as entertainment and circus performances, becoming the third state to do so.

These decisions were agreed on the 13th of October as the governor Gavin Newsom signed a pair of bills. As a result, starting from 2023, the state will not allow the selling and manufacturing of handbags, belts, clothes or shoes using animal fur. This decision was much appreciated by lots of animal rights activities as it would bring a solution to the wide inhumane practices carried out during this process.

However, some products such as those for tribal people as well as religious purposes will still be allowed or excluded from the new law. They include leather, cat and dog fur, deerskin and skins of goat and sheep. The same goes for those preserved using taxidermy. In any case, products made out of animals including chinchillas, minks and rabbits will not be allowed to be sold.

fur coat

Source: Pexels

As a result, several high end designer manufacturers including Versace, Gucci, and Armani have put an end to the manufacturing of fur products. Well, violating the law will cost you a fine of $1000.

Direct Action Everywhere’s Cassie King stated that people expect to see all inhuman practices against animals stopped by the law. Meanwhile, DAE is working on some similar bills to be passed in some other states including Oregon, Minneapolis and Portland.


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