6 Stretches To Help Heal Scoliosis

6 Stretches To Help Heal Scoliosis

As we all have experienced at least once in our lives, even just a slight twinge of pain in the back can drag you down to a few good hours on the bed. With all major bodily movements such as moving hands, walking, turning, bending etc. being connected to the spine, even the slightest injury to it can be disastrous at times. This is also the reason why our parents always used to scold us for not sitting or laying down properly. Well, in the end, we got only one back, right?

While some spinal cord injuries result from our own mistakes, i.e., wrong postures and movements, there are also others that can occur out of our control. One of the most common of such spinal cord disorders is scoliosis, present in 2-3 percent of the population, or an estimated six to nine million people in the United States. This medical condition has the spine of an individual in a sideways curve, usually in the shape of a “C” or an “S”.


There are three. First, as with most disorders and diseases, genetic malformation at birth is one cause. While it’s called the congenital type, it can be diagnosed early. Second type would be neuromuscular where the cause is either a disorder like cerebral palsy or spina bifida, or a traumatic injury, with symptoms developing quite fast, requiring surgery. The third type, idiopathic, is when the cause is unknown, and is also the most common type developing symptoms during late childhood and teenage years.



1. Unnatural spinal shape making daily activities painful.
2. Uneven waist.
3. Uneven rib cage.
4. Body looking as if it’s leaning towards one side.
5. Head off-center from above pelvis.
6. Change in the appearance / texture of skin covering the spine.


As soon as you notice the above symptoms, you should not delay an appointment with your doctor. While there is no cure for this disorder. Healthcare specialists will recommend exercises, physical therapy, braces and sometimes surgery.

In this article, you can read about 6 such stretching exercises that you can add to your ongoing treatments, after consulting your doctor.


1. Abdominal Stretch

abdominal stretch for Scoliosis

2. Classic Leg Lifts

Classic leg lifts for Scoliosis

3. Standing Still

stretching exercises for scoliosis

4. Side Tilts

stretching exercises for scoliosis

5. Bird-Dog

stretching exercises for scoliosis

6. Arm and Leg Raises

stretching exercises for scoliosis

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